Gantt Chart and Predecessors

Good morning. When I have a project, as an example, that has 50 tasks, Let's say task (line item) number is 5.  Task #12 shows #5 is its predecessors, FS. When I delete or add another task, my predecessor is now a different line item # and I have to review all tasks again that have predecessors and update with the new line item #. Am I doing something wrong?


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Aaron K.

Hi Marilyn Ehlebracht,

Thank you for your question!

When a task's line position changes on the Gantt chart, for example when you change the sorting of the chart, the predecessor column automatically updates to reflect the change. Take a look at this series of screenshots to see what I mean. Changing the sorting will change the line position of the tasks, but the dependencies stay the same and the predecessor column adjusts automatically:

​​Please give it a try and let us know what you think 😊


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