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We create project from request forms. Each project has basically the same structure, so the request form triggers a blueprint project.
Those projects all have dependencies. Our problem is that the completion of a predecessor task doesn't necessarily mean the next task is actually ready, we could be waiting on a client feedback or something along those lines. So it confuses the team to receive the wrike notification that the task is ready, and it's really not.

I there a way to make sure the "ready for you to start working" only appears on the start date of the next task? 
Another way we thought (but that might be convoluted) would be to automatically switch the next task to a "on hold" status until the it gets ready. How would I achieve that?

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There are a few work-arounds, none of which exactly answer your question, so hopefully something else will provide that. 

I've been using Wrike Automation to give employees reminders. 

EX: use a status-activated @mention to let people know to expect their task to be ready soon, but it is waiting on X. 

Another might be to move the workflow of a few related tasks into one and hand it off via workflow. 

EX: You need a photo of a client to be taken, processed, and put into a spread and then published. Instead of four different tasks, you would have a workflow that hands this off to the next party within a single task. 

Again, I know this doesn't answer your question, but I hope it will spark some ideas. 

Depending on your project, you might also be able to use this automation (attached image).

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