Copying and Pasting in Tables Does Not Work

Copying and pasting in tables in the description field is completely unusable and has been for years.

  • Copying and pasting multiple cells within Wrike tables doesn't work. If I copy entries from two cells next to each other and try to paste in another table, Wrike enters both pieces of info into the same cell, creates a brand new row underneath and pastes the cells into the first two columns, or does some other asinine thing that no one would expect using a table.
  • EVERY cell must be filled, otherwise tables do not paste properly into Excel. Blank cells cause the rest of the data to shift, which leads to manual fixes or renders my table useless.
  • Even when copying and pasting single entries, they occasionally end up in other cells, not the destination cell.
  • There is no ability to adjust column widths, it is done automatically. This often reduces readability and organization, which is the entire point of a table. Not a copy/paste issue, but still a problem. 

Tables are a really, really basic feature of a website, and I don't know how this hasn't been addressed yet. I thought the previous Wrike tables were terrible, then the new ones were rolled out a few years ago and they somehow got even worse. Please fix the table functionality and improve the ability to copy/paste to and from Excel as well. Thanks.


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Hi Adam Johnson, welcome to the Community!

Thank you for your detailed feedback in relation to the Table View. I'll pass it on to the Product team 👍

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