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Something I consistently struggle with in Wrike is providing a status update of a project to my team. I have not yet found a View in Wrike that provides a holistic update on a project with full context. I typically need to resort to outside options - usually a Word Doc then converted to PDF - that is updated with screenshots and copy/pastes from Wrike. I then share this by email and upload it to Wrike. This is cumbersome to keep updated consistently and insure that all of my team members are looking at the latest version.

What I would like to see Wrike implement is a Canvas View, similar to what apps like Notion and Coda offer. Both of these apps allow users to work from a blank canvas view and use / to add different modules on to the page. These modules can be tables, gantts, charts, formulas, databases, or just formats. The information in these can be updated live on that page or they can make reference to data that exists elsewhere in other pages already and be filtered to the proper context of the current page.

The way I can imagine myself using this within Wrike:

I would have the option to see a Canvas View under each project or folder, just like the list, table, gantt, etc.

I could then customize the modules that show up on each Canvas, just like in Notion or Coda, but I could make reference to other items within Wrike. As an example, below I listed what I would put in to a project update for a particular project. In parentheses after each, I put what module I would use / to reference to build that section.

Title: Scorpion Project Status Update (by typing /Header 1, text is automatically formatted, Bold Text, Large Font, Underlined)

Timeline Snapshot (automatically pull in a view of a specifically filtered snapshot I've taken of my project timeline. By typing /timelinesnapshot, I have been shown a menu of my snapshots to select from.)

Table View (By typing /table, I am given the option to pull inline a table view of any project or folder and then filter as I see fit.)

Tasks by Employee (By typing /formula, I can create any number of formulas already available within Wrike reporting. In this instance, I do a few formulas that return the open tasks by each employee name.)

Days Remaining (By typing /formula, I create a formula that calculates how many days remaining in any project or task of my choosing.)

Summary, Risks, Etc. (Utliize other quick formats - headers, paragraphs, bulleted lists, numbered lists, etc. - to provide context for the project update. The / would just provide the formatting options and I would then type in the context)

I now have a one page summary of my project fully built with my data in Wrike without ever having to leave Wrike. I can point all of my teammates directly to this view for the latest update. I'd be happy to talk through this further with someone from Wrike. I think it could be a huge step forward - I know I've seen many people on the Wrike community boards looking for options to create project status updates and things of that nature that go beyond just the reporting feature.



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I love this idea - it sounds almost like a Dashboard View of the specific Project/Folder that you curate, but with more capabilities beyond the current dashboard widgets.  Our Dashboards are overwhelming (we just have too many of them!) so it'd be nice to use this concept in a project-specific way.  I like the idea of being able to pull in table and gantt views to it, and would want to be able to display project-level custom fields with their data as well!

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Meredith Selden The custom fields are an excellent addition! We use custom fields to track budget and spending per project, with a request form that generates tasks to create purchase orders. I can already see how great would it be to pull in a table view to the project update showing the budget vs. spend.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your suggestions for project management here Jared Wegienka, Meredith Selden, sounds very interesting!

I'm passing this idea to the Product team 👍

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