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Hi, just wanted to share a simple Status/Widget option I created.   We had a need to block-out a day or part-thereof and it needed to be visible to everyone sharing the same dashboard.  I did not want a calendar item, and you again need more and more clicks to move around Wrike.  In this case my boss had a funeral to attend, and we needed to lock out the day or partially.  

So, I created a new Workflow Status, added a colour that stood out, and the appropriate descriptor.  The result ?... well, instant visibility into the department workload, and a clear message to BLOCK-OUT any more quotations for that day.

As Wrike widget sort seq works on numerics then alpha, it conveniently dropped to the bottom of the tasks list for that day, signifying that no more work was to be assigned that day.

When the day is over, or "Task" no longer needed, I simply "clear dates" and it falls to the bottom of the Widget.  Or you could have a new Status to assign it to.

Note: the AKA: in the description field refers to "Also Known As" and helps me locate Projects/Tasks with acronyms.  e.g. "SDS" - Special Development School.

Hope this is of use to someone.  I am pleased it serves our purpose perfectly.

Here's a screen shot or two below.  [Yes, I love love Vegemite !]

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Thanks for sharing this great tip Peter Tisdall, I think it might be useful to many in the Community 🙌🏼
p.s. I wish I could say the same thing about Vegemite 😅
👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos

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