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I'm stuck in a problem.

I need to export all the information about projects, but with the call "" I only get:

 - Author ID

 - Owner ID

 - Custom Status ID

 - Start Date

 - End Date

 - Created Date


The additional information I need is:

 - Description

 - Custom Field ID

 - Custom Field Value

However, i can get this information but only if I change the API to this:{folderId}/.

The problem is that i have a lot of folders and projects, so this method doesn't work for me.


Is there any way to export all the project information from just one API?

I imagine something like this:[description,Custom Field ID,Custom Field Value]


I appreciate your answer


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Hi Esteban Alvarez, in order to get the project's description and custom field values with "" method, you'll need to use an additional parameter fields. Please note that this parameter is available only for filtered requests. I suggest using project parameter as a filter. First, you can set it to true to get information about projects and perform the second call with project=false to retrieve information about folders. Here is my example:

​ Please let me know if you have any additional questions!☺️

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