Error 400 attaching json file

I'm using POST to "/task/<id>/attachments" to attach a file to a task.

When that file is JSON data, with content type "application/json", the response is error 400 Bad Request with the following error description:

"Parameter `<first key in json object>` is not allowed"

I can work around this by massaging the content type to be "text/plain", but it would be nice if I didn't have to add a special case for json data.

Is there json that is allowed to be posted to "/task/<id>/attachments"? What does that do?

By the way, the use case here is for bug reports. The task is a bug report, and I'm trying to attach relevant input (the json file) for recreating the issue being reported.

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Michael Cornelius, let's try to fix the request. To add the JSON file via API, no additional parameters are required, but please make sure that there is the 'X-File-Name' Header and the file is added in the request Body. Do so by choosing the binary format and select the JSON file from the local storage:

Check the example Request on Wrike Developers portal and this cURL example below:

Let us know the results!😉

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