Missing information in CustomFields table when working with API

I am working with API and its integration with Power Bi and when I call to the CustomFields table i get the next fields:

From this information i have 2 problems:

1- I can't find a way to relate these fields to the corresponding tasks and / or projects

2- I can't find the information I enter in the corresponding custom field (neither in this table nor in another).

I would like to know if any one has had the same problem.

I'll appreciate any help about it.



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Hi Esteban Alvarez, thanks for using our API😌

The Custom fields method returns information about specified custom fields but doesn't show the Project/Task -Custom fields relationship.

To fetch the values of the Custom fields you can make a call to the specific folder/project ID(s) with [GET] /folders/{folderId} method. In this case, custom fields information will be added to the response by default.

The response for called items will look like this:
"customFields": [
          "id": "XXX",
          "value": "XXX"

To fetch data for tasks, please perform the GET tasks query with fields=[customFields] parameter.

Also, as I have mentioned in our previous thread, Enterprise accounts can use BI export to generate CSV files ready for upload to Power BI and other analytics tools. This feature can help you easily pull out the parent-child relationship of Tasks and Folders, as well as information about Custom fields. It's important to note that a Business subscription is not sufficient to use the BI export feature. To compare available plans, please check this page. Don't hesitate to let me know if your team is interested in upgrading your Wrike experience. We'll be happy to assist with that!🙌

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