Relationship between Contacts and Task by API

I am working with API and its integration with Power Bi and I can´t find a table that associates "Contacts" and "Tasks".

Checking the Schema Reference I found a table called "work_assignee", which should bring that information, but I can't extract it via API.

I would like to know if any one has had the same problem.

I'll appreciate any help about it.



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Hi Esteban Alvarez, to get tasks under a certain project/folder and include the list of assignees through API call, please use the endpoint /folders/{folderId}/tasks with the additional parameter fields=[responsibleIds]

And if you query [GET][responsibleIds], you will see the list of tasks and the internal ID of the assignee in the responsiblesIds field.

To find out the user's name, please perform a GET call using users/{userId} method (change the user ID to the correct one).

Hope it helps!

Please note that BI Export is available for Enterprise accounts only. If you have Enterprise and are interested in exporting data as tables, please call the /data export API method. Let me know if you have any questions!😉

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