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I've searched the community to find how PMs and Wrike users are managing stakeholders who are not a Collaborator or Regular user. Our current approach is to include a Stakeholder Register template in our project blueprints. However, using the Wrike file viewer is typically not ideal (e.g., fonts are too small), so often our teams need to open the file locally using the Wrike Editor tool, modify the file, and save the changes back to Wrike. I feel it would be more beneficial if Wrike had a built-in Stakeholder Register to update and optimize in the viewer.

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Hello Anthony Fronza, thank you for posting, this is a really interesting suggestion.
I'll pass on your feedback to our Product team and in the meanwhile, I'd recommend you consider inviting your team to upvote your post here. Although we make aware our Product team of each feedback we receive on this forum, the number of upvotes helps us assess the popularity of the idea amongst our users 🙋🏻‍♀️

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