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I'd like to know what the roadmap is for the new Bookings feature. We work on a lot of long-term projects with 100's of tasks per person. In our current process, we apply effort by task for each person, which is incredibly time-consuming for our Producers. I like the new Booking feature for its ability to forecast effort from the start to finish of a project, but once assigned, it is not set up to land on the assignees Timesheet. Is there a future in which the Bookings can be turned in to reportable, time-tracking fields? This would allow us to report on estimated effort (hours) to actuals (time logged) at the project vs. at the task level. 

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Hi Gina Colombo, thank you for posting your feedback in relation to the Bookings feature! I hope you don't mind that I've moved your post to our Product Feedback forum so that other Community members could support it!

I'm also passing on your feedback to our Product team. We don't have a public roadmap like this available at the moment, but we'll let you know if we have any updates from the Product team 👍

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