Recurring Tasks - more requested improvements

I've two requests to improve recurring tasks in Wrike:

(1) When a recurring task is made not recurring (to change it) and then recurring again, the extra date on the right end of the name must be manually removed.  Can this removal of the obsolete date characters be automated?  Of course,  the name is basically a free form field, removing those characters by counting spaces used by the date may also remove needed characters (in the name).

(2) Can the original task in a recurring task series be marked to indicate it's the original?  When recurrence is removed with the original task selected, all tasks are removed.  When a task that's not the original is selected, only the recurrence is removed (along with that task, I think).  If we don't want the task removed from its folder, we need to ensure the oldest task (based on the timestamp at the right of the name) is NOT selected when recurrence is stopped.  It would be nice if the original task is identified or a warning is displayed if recurrence is removed from the original task.


Thanks, Tod

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Hey Tod Bassler, thanks for posting your suggestions for recurring task improvements here 👍 I'm passing your feedback to the Product team now 🙌

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