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as we are setting up project long and short term planning now I am wondering what is the best way in Wrike. We want to stay with the 10 rule for projectmagament: 10 month, 10 days, 10 hours planning horizont.

10 month is management, 10 weeks is project manager, 10 days is teamleader, and 10 hours is coworker planning.

Now we have implemented two main horizons:

1. Long term planning with 10 month

2. Short term planning with 10 days

For the long term planning we do not want the tasks to be to small and detailed. So tasks of 5 weeks such as "I need an engineer for 80hours during this 5 weeks to make a design for product abcd" is ok. This would be given to a designer and get an effort in the workload of 80hours. This numbers we need to make the project proposal. Now (project is approved by management), when the start of this long tasks approaches we want it to be divided into smaller subtasks. That is no prolem, so subtasks for week 1 is "Make a first scetch", week 2 "discuss it with other guys and improve", and so on. But we want for short term planning now also to see more detailed how the task is developing. So "Make a first scetch" should have 10hours effort and the engineer books hours to this task. We can for sure make the subtask and give it effort, but then the engineer has 80h work in the parent task and 10h in the subtask. So more than he really has.

Is their any way to divide into long term planning and short term planning with the effort? I am searching for a way to make smooth transition between long term and short term planning. As this should be a standard question in project management I am wondering if nobofy else solved this problem with Wrike before.

Best Sven


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