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We have a use case where we need to create a set of projects from Blueprints.  For our use case we have 1 blueprint per region and each region has multiple entities that will need to work on a copy of the blueprint for their region.  Example:

Suppose we have Blueprint X, Blueprint Y, Blueprint Z and there's 20 entities per region, this means that we will need 20 Blueprint X's converted into projects, 20 Blueprint Y's converted into projects and 20 Blueprint Z's converted into projects.  If done manually we would just use the "Create Project from Blueprint" option 20 times for each of the Blueprints but this seems like an inefficient use of time and we have more than 20 entities per region.


Is there any way of doing this through the API where I can "copy" or instantiate a Blueprint as many times as I need?

Would the COPY_FOLDER method work with Blueprints?

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Andres Gallegos, welcome to the Community! To create a project from a blueprint, please try POST /folder_blueprints/{folder_blueprintId}/launch_async method. The location of a newly-created project can be specified in the parent​ parameter value. For more details, you can refer to these instructions.

Each project should be launched with a separate query. Another important note: the blueprint needs to fit into 250 items in order for it to be duplicated through API; subfolders, subprojects, and subtasks count towards this limit as well. Let me know if you have any questions😊

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