Set Milestone dates against custom task status


I have been using Wrike for about 5 years and work in educational publishing. 

As we have grown we have found an increasing need to be able to set milestone dates different status’ of a task. We don’t want to have to do this by creating sub tasks as this would involve a lot of additional work on our end however we would like to set milestone dates for each on our different contractors working on a task along the development cycle. 

For example our tasks go through four main stages; development, quality review, copy edit and publish and design. Each task goes through these same stages and each step is dependent on the previous to be completed. So it doesn’t make sense to break this up into sub tasks. So we would like to be able to set milestone dates against these key phases. So development might have a milestone date of 3/03, quality review 7/03, copy edit and publish 14/03 and design 21/03. 

This would allow us to forward plan and keep track on whether tasks are on schedule or behind. 


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Hello Nathalie,

 I have read multiples times what you said, I hope i didn't miss anything but it is exactly what it should be : Each action has its own task / subtask. Each task are status related with the previous one, you can't start reviewing before the end of the Development and reviewer are different people that Developer for example.

Little tips that can help you : 

You can create a blueprint to allow you to define a normal process : 

"Development" lasts 5 days

"Reviewing" lasts 3 days and starts at the end of "Development" 

"Copy and Edit" lasts 5 days and starts at the end of "Reviewing"

"Publish and Design" last 5 days and starts at the end of "Copy and Edit"

And once you initiate a task based on that Blueprint, you can tell this task should end on the 11/03 and Wrike will schedule the tasks before on the correct date according to the duration you 


I hope it helps, and once again, i didn't miss anything your personal context


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