Duplicate dashboard keep order of widgets


I made a daschboard for myself and want now to duplicate it to customize it for collegues. Unforunately when duplicating the new daschboard changes the order of the widgets.

Is there any way that the order of widgets is kept while duplicating a daschboard?

Best Sven

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Hello Sven Passinger,

Thank you for your question!

When you duplicate a dashboard, the order of the widgets on the new copy will be the order that the original widgets were created.

I'm afraid that it's currently not possible to duplicate a dashboard and keep the widgets in the same custom order you've arranged on the original dashboard.

I have shared this feature improvement request with our Product team and we can let you know if there are any updates in the future. 

Thank you for your feedback and have a productive day! 😊

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Aaron K. Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

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