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Hi Wrike Team,

If I create a dependency between of Task B on Milestone A via an API call:

If I then update the date of Milestone A, will the Task B start date automatically update or does that functionality only occur via interaction with the GANTT chart view?


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Aaron K.

Hello Hayden Curry,

Thank you for your question!

When you reschedule a task with dependencies all dependent tasks are automatically rescheduled. This means that all tasks downstream on the dependency chain will automatically shift and this is true regardless of where the task is being rescheduled from, whether it's the List view, Table view, Gantt chart, or through the API.

However, Milestones in the dependency chain do not shift when other tasks in the dependency get rescheduled. So if you have a Milestone downstream in your dependency chain, then it will not get rescheduled when you change the dates of a task upstream in the dependency.

In your example, it sounds like Milestone A comes before Task B in the dependency, so rescheduling Milestone A in this case would automatically shift Task B and any other tasks downstream in the dependency chain.

Please give it a try and let us know if you have any questions 😄

Have a productive day!

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