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I'm trying to build a pivot table widget in Wrike Analyze that shows the amount of effort booked to each parent task when the effort is booked to a subtask.  I set it up so that multiple people are booking their time to the parent task (lots of subtasks), and my effort is associated with a subtask where no one books time.  The idea was that it would all get aggregated together at the parent task level.

For example, a row on my pivot table would show the user name, parent task name, timelog hours booked, and total effort associated with the parent task.  I'm hoping I can see effort get aggregated up to the parent task level like I see in the table view, but I don't know how to do it in wrike analyze.  Let me know if you can help or if I need to readdress the layout of my tasks.  Thanks.

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Welcome to the forums Sean Condren 🙂 I've asked my colleagues to reach out to you about this ASAP 👍

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Sean Condren I've faced the same issue about a year ago! Do you mind posting the formula you were using?

I'd love to see how you ended up fixing this!

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Hi Polivio Rosario, thank you for posting! I'll try to sum up and share our subject matter experts response to Sean's use case, hope this helps!

Timelog Category / Effort

You can actually add timelog categories to your pivot widgets to compare effort with time tracked. However, you need to note that if the time is tracked on the parent task level and the effort is allocated for the subtask it won't be accurate. Since there's no effort allocated for the task with timelog categories, there will be no comparison.

Rolling Up

Effort and time entries can be rolled up on the project level. Even if they're not rolled up, you can still group them by project and see everything in it.

This is not available for parent tasks though. If the parent task has no effort/ time spent, you won't be able to display aggregation from their subtasks. The logic behind the difference in parents is that the tasks (no matter if they're parents or children) have the attribute of effort and time tracking, and the projects don't. That's why if you add effort or time spent to your widgets, they're always showing the records for each task only and the aggregation for the projects.

Given that, one of the possible workarounds would be using subprojects instead of the parent tasks.

Timelog in Wrike Analyze

It is possible that the same user might have different time logs represented on the parent task and widget. 

This is happening since Assignee and Timelog User is different attributes. Not all the assignees are tracking time and at the same time, not only the assignee can track time on the task.

Timelog User is not available in regular boards (similarly as it's not available in the basic reports on tasks), so you can't see how much time each assignee has tracked time in the same task. To do so, you'd need to use Utilization and Performance boards. At the same time, Assignee is not available there (similarly as it's not in the basic reports on timelog).

 If you want to compare timelog and effort by users, I'd suggest either:

  • keeping just one assignee on a task with effort and time tracked, or
  • switching to Utilizations reports.


  • Grouping by Assignee

If you don't want to use Utilization reports, but want to group effort and time spent by users, I'd suggest tracking time only in the tasks where the user is the only assignee. The main point is that regular boards display the entire time tracked, so even if you filter/ group it by assignee, the time tracked by other assignees will also show up. 

To avoid it, you can create extra subtasks and assign each one to one user only and track time there instead of tracking it together in the parent task.

  • Grouping by Timelog Category

If grouping by the assignee is not enough and you need timelog category too, I'm afraid effort and time spent should be kept in the same tasks. Instead of having effort in two subtasks, you could spread it among all the subtasks where users are tracking time. 

If it's necessary just to see how much effort each user has in a project, spreading it among all the subtasks would still work since it's going to be aggregated on the project level.

  • Grouping by Parent Task

If you need folder tree structure and aggregation, I'd suggest using subprojects instead of parent tasks: you'd be able to use them for grouping.

Alternatively, you can add effort to the parent task as well. You wouldn't see the time tracked in the subtasks and grouping by users wouldn't work, but you'd see the overall time tracked in the parent task and its comparison with effort.

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