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Hello everyone!
I want to share with you a practice that is helping us a lot to avoid going over the maximum budget for orders.

We are a Demand Generation digital agency and our clients often commission us for marketing activities, such as SEO / SEM / Editorial Plans / Inbound Marketing / Website Campaigns etc.

Now for each signed contract we have a budget to be able to do our best work, the budget € is divided into hours and we get how many hours it is possible to work on it.

A few months ago I added this value to our projects and everyone in the company is using Timelogs to keep track of the hours spent on individual tasks.

You will say, nothing fancy, actually using:

  • Hours budget of the order
  • Timelogs entered
  • Planned effort

We are able to:

  • Check if our activity, which we are planning (usually we activate some blueprints) is within the budget or risks going over.
  • We always have under control how much remaining budget we lack to understand if:
  • asking for a greater budget is not always possible, but if we are at the beginning of the project, we can change the sale
  • possibly reduce less important activities
  • change strategy

For us it is truly a turning point, as up until 10 months ago, we realized we no longer had a budget when it was too late and therefore we could no longer change.

How do I check it?

  • Table view for each Project where I created two custom fields

  •  Wrike Analyze, where I created a dashboard to quickly check the residue

If you want to know more, just ask.
I hope it is useful for all of you

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Thank you so so much for sharing such a detailed best practice Pietro Poli 🤗

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Lisa Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos

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