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Hi, I'm in love with Wrike and I want to master the program. I work in a very small team though and I don't have anyone to learn from. There are a lot of videos and I find I can pick up useful information along the way, but I'm hoping someone knows of a professional, comprehensive course of not only how to use wrike, but best practices and tips and tricks along the way. You know, stuff I'd learn if I was to work with an experienced wrike user, something I will not get the chance to do. For the record, I am not looking for a tutorial or video I've see plenty of those. I'm looking for  a book, or a class that's fully structured. Paid of course. Thanks!

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Mathieu, so excited you're loving the software! This isn't exactly what you're looking for but the Getting Started section has some great pages to help get you oriented and get the ball rolling. 

In terms of something more structured, we do have paid Deployments available for teams (and smaller versions of those deployments). It looks like you're still on a trial so someone is going to reach out to talk about the different versions and what might work for your team. 

We're always here too to talk about different best practices, happy to talk about any specific area that you're thinking about!

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The support team with Wrike and the community are excellent resources as well. I found that the best way to master it was to continue to in a sense "play" with the system. You will find that you will change your setup a bit and find new ways of doing things. Once you go through the steps to set it up, you may find you have questions about doing it efficiently or differently then you will most likely find it in the community forum. Best is to learn by doing! 👍


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