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We would like to be able to leave status update notes on our tasks that are hidden from our clients (collaborators on projects). This would allow us to expose only key information to clients while keeping our internal working notes in the same task. Can anyone suggest a solution to do this?


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Hi Keir, thanks for asking this question here! First of all, I wanted to point you to a feature request where a similar discussion is going on, some tips are shared there by other users, so those could be helpful: Hide Comments in Projects Shared with Collaborators. Just to outline one of the main solutions: you can create a subtask which is assigned to a Collaborator. This is their action item, or depending on the use case, it could be a place to share your team's deliverables for the client's approval. This subtask has a parent task, which is shared only with your internal team. This is where you can keep all your communciations and drafts, without making them visible to the Collaborator. Happy to continue this discussion, so please let me know if you have any other question!

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