Timeline Utilization

The timeline is one of the best features, I believe, within Wrike. I use it for two main purposes:

  • Viewing the timeline and making date changes directly within it. It is easy to drag tasks across the timeline to make date changes.
  • Creating snapshots to share within my organization. This way the person I am sharing the timeline with doesn't need an account and doesn't need to login, which they appreciate it greatly.


Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Totally agree!  I couldn't imagine trying to coordinate a list of actionable items without it.  

Have you tried the "New Timeline" view available at https://www.wrike.com/labs/  I think its GREAT!  Especially with different colored workflows for each phase.  Gorgeous! 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I just saw it today, I'm going to check it out.


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