I am battling with creating reports, I select options and more often than none I get no data.

I am needing two reports: 

1. to see all open or waiting projects with a custom field (still to be created: Priority - sort results by this) and to see "estimated time' as well as "actual Time"

2. a to do list for each employee with a list of assigned open or waiting projects in order of priority


Please help

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Hi Natalie, I can see our Support Team has helped you with this already 👍

If there's anything else we can do here, let me know.


For anyone wondering how to do the above:

Using the Report Builder, you can choose 'More Filers' and select any Custom Fields you've created or has been shared with you. This filter section, you can also choose 'Status' and 'Assignee'.

Alternatively, from the Table Report, you can click the gear icon on the top left of the table and choose what columns you want to add to the table, including Filters. More on how to do this in this tutorial video.

Any questions, ask away 🙂


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