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Hi Team,

I am thinking to change the working procedure of my team. Currently they are creating each and every single task from G mail.
My business scenario includes a main task with their two sub-tasks. I want that any single mail will have an auto-creation of single main task with its two sub-tasks.
Also we have some custom fields & description for the main task which needs to be auto-updated for necessary detailing.

I have been exploring regarding this which leads me to the usage of Zapier, so that i am able to integrate my mail with Wrike task creation. But that will not allow me to update custom fields of the main-task.
Please suggest what can i do to automate our work.


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Just curious why tasks aren't ever created from within Wrike? 

Are these 2 tasks (1 main and 2 subs) always the same 3 tasks?  If so you can create a template and duplicate.. Wrike has some change/keep type of features for duplication.  



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