Please make the subtask start and end dates roll up to parent tasks that use dependencies

Project plans are developed in the initiating phase of the project.  They are then progressively elaborated upon during the planning and monitoring and controlling phases.  It is unreasonable to tell a project manager to not allow change requests in a project plan. 

By requiring Wrike users to create a project plan at the start that requires perfect duration and doesn't allow for tasks to end early or start late, sets up the project for failure.

Projects contain groups of tasks that have inputs and outputs.  Some can be very complex.  Currently, the use of subtasks in Wrike doesn't allow a parent task to have dependencies in order to work correctly.    

By reprogramming Wrike to allow a parent task with subtasks, to have dependencies, you will allow Project Managers that have complex projects utilize Wrike as a project management tool.  

The current use of subtasks in Wrike on Parent tasks with dependencies doesn't roll up deliverable dates correctly.  

If Wrike could allow Parent tasks to have dependencies, it would help make Wrike a Project Planning, Project Management tool.  

What would make Wrike a tool Project Managers can use, is if you can please make the subtask start and end dates roll up to parent tasks that use dependencies.

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100% agree.  I had started a post on this similar to what you are describing.  A "feature" was introduced to try to accomplish this, but it does not work as it needs to (and should).

Our Wrike subscription renews at the end of January, and we may not be renewing it for our 2,400+ employee organization because we haven't even been able to roll it out to our 25 person IT department because of critical missing features such as this.

Other features that we need to make Wrike work for us is a template/planning mode that suppresses notifications while project schedules are being planned and/or "what if" scenarios are being conducted to adjust certain aspects of projects to see what downstream affects it could have on dependent/successor tasks.  It's not very user friendly to have to run around my office telling people to ignore certain notifications because they then start to ignore them all because they're not sure which ones are real, and which ones are the byproduct of "template" creation and/or planning. There seems to be a feature like this in the works according to recent posts.

We also need to be able to insert leads and lags on tasks with dependencies.  This is another core component of proper project management.

Additionally, being able to interact with dependencies in the table view as you can in MS Project and SmartSheet makes bulk updates by the PM much easier instead of having to dredge through things in the List view.  Speaking of the table view, there is also a need to automatically expand the list and sort by the way things are listed in the List view.


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@ Megan Caldwell, I am encountering the exact same issues that you have described and would very much like to see Wrike address.  Thanks for providing links to each of your feature requests.  I have upvoted & followed these.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

@ Scott Rogers thanks!!  👍 

I really do hope that these basic fundamentals of project management make their way into the Wrike tool.  I've been a patient user for the past year, but I am not sure how much longer I can hold on to the hope that things will change to make Wrike even better (and more useful) for the structured project management that a lot of us need!

@ Wrike community admins are there any opportunities for those of us that are so passionate about the same basic features to get some time on a conference call/web share with the product management team at Wrike to discuss, verbally, what we'd like to see developed into the Wrike product?  I am serious when I say that I tried over 50 project management tools when I discovered and started using Wrike - with these additional features Wrike would be a serious game changer in the project management tool space.  Look at how many posts people put on the community listing the lack of these features being the reason they are choosing to NOT go with Wrike....reel them back in!!


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