Why does the Workflow Type only apply to its child Tasks

When I create a Project and set the Workflow Type to 'Standard Project', or any other, I can see that child Tasks are created with the same Workflow Type.

However, the Project and its child Projects are all created with a Global Workflow type that seems to be exclusively used for Projects.

Why doesn't Workflow Type match across aboard. As someone with a development background, I'm guessing you have background events that are fired which rely on the discrete Workflow Types, hence you've locked Projects to a specific type.

I'm curious to know, because it was jarring the first team I saw the difference, and it's something I will have to convey my user base.

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Hi Alex, I apologize for the very delayed reply here. I think what you're looking for is the Project status to match the task workflow status options? If that's the case, Rob created a request for similar functionality. Let me know if Rob's request does work for you so I can mark this one as a duplicate and we can keep votes centered in one post. 

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