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It would be good if there was a way to see that there were comments in sub-tasks when viewing the parent task.  I understand that we want to keep the parent task as free of clutter and as easy to read as possible, however if there was an icon next to each sub task that appeared when there were comments it would be helpful, e.g. 'x' comments - was noted on each line of a sub task

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Hey, Scott! Thanks for posting your request on the Community. It would be awesome if you could guide me through your process of using subtasks (e.g. how many of them do you typically have, what they're used for, etc) - it's really important for us to understand use cases so we could share more info with our Product Teams. 🙂

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I agree with the question. I also look as the parent task as something like a folder but a project can not have dozens of folders as I see it. 


Parent task: New web page for services

Sub tasks:

1. Layout and design

2. Content

a. Images (sub sub tasks)

b. Copy

3. Links from other pages

I would also like to see time tracking being logged to parent task but will open another task about that. 

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I'll add to this with our specific challenge:

We use tasks to set up our projects deliverables, and subtasks to assign the individual steps to complete the deliverable.  However, we need to track the deliverable (not subtasks) for time, completion, communications, and hours allocated.  We need subtasks to allow team members to work against individual deadlines.

The structure is making communications difficult to track and creating redundancy.  Not to mention confusion as subtasks don't carry their source task/folder with them in reporting or dashboard views.

Having subtask conversations roll up into a parent task would help.  As would a separate category to distinguish between a deliverable (our reporting interest) and a task, but I need to find a different thread for that!

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Agree. We're constantly running into people commenting in sub-tasks. We only use sub-tasks for scheduling. We should have the ability to turn commenting in sub-tasks off.

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Hi Anastasia,

A typical workflow for us would be:

Parent task: Estate Plan


 - Book meeting

    Sub tasks -

  1. Email client,
  2. Confirm time with solicitor,
  3. Send Outloook invite to solicitor,
  4. send confirmation email to clients

 - Send brief to solicitor

 - Confirm meeting with client/solicitor

 - Conduct meeting

 - Complete Binding Death Benefit Nomination

    Sub tasks - 

  1. Obtain form from super fund
  2. Complete form
  3. Clients to sign
  4. Send to super fund
  5. Fup with super fund to confirm BDBN in place

 - Draft documents

    Sub tasks - 

  1. Fup draft docs with solicitor
  2. Review draft docs
  3.  Discuss draft docs with solicitor
  4. Discuss draft docs with client

This workflow has may more steps, but hopefully you get the idea?




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Hi everyone, thanks a lot for your examples and use-cases here!

For now, the team doesn't have this on their roadmap. I'll update you here if that changes though. Thank you again for your suggestions! 

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