Using Wrike API's with Python

I am trying to get Wrike data using python and I am stuck on the authorization / token part. I do have a permanent token but not sure how to use it. 

I am able to get data using Postman but would like to know how can I achieve this using python.

The code below is what I have so far. I am able to get the '200' code back but have been stuck there for quite a while now. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks

url_to_send = wrike_url+"oauth2/authorize?client_id="+wrike_clientId+"&response_type=code"
code = requests.get(url_to_send)

token_url = wrike_url+"oauth2/token/client_id="+wrike_clientId+"&client_secret="+wrike_clientSecret+"&grant_type=authorization_code"+"&code=<code>"
access_token =
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Hi Manmohit! Looks like we might need to get more details from you and it would be most convenient to do so with the help of Support ticket. Just created it on your name.

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