Release Notes-October 5

Feature Updates

  • Long Text Field Wrap in the Table view
    • This is a Wrike Labs feature. To make it easier to edit text type Custom Fields, those fields now expand on the Table View while you edit them.
  • My Work
    • In the new My Work (in Labs): the option "Unpin from My Work" is now "Hide from To Do". You can also opt to "Hide" tasks in the Incoming section instead of moving them to "Today" or "Later".
  • Remove/Change Report Groupings
    • Editing and removing Report groupings just got a little easier. Click the "x" that appears on a grouping to remove it and click a grouping to see an alphabatized list of alternative grouping options. Default options are showed first, Custom Field options second.
  • Reviewing Reports
    • Before: if you opened a report, then it automatically moved to the top of the Report list (even if you didn't edit it). Now: a report only moves to the top of the list if you open and edit it. 
  • Attachment List Updates
    • We made some small changes to make the file attachment list more readable. 


  • Roll Up Custom Fields
    • Before: If several Custom Fields were added for a Subfolder (but not the parent Folder), then only some of the fields would show up in the "roll up" section of the parent Folder. Now: All Custom Fields show up.
  • Excel Export Error
    • Before: 1) You had a parent Folder with Subfolder A, Subfolder A had a Custom Field. 2) You duplicated Subolder A and now Subfolder A and its duplicate are in the same parent Folder. 3) Your tried to export the parent Folder via Excel and the export would fail. Now the export works as expected.
  • File Search in Wrike
    • After a hiatus, the search command to look for files (file:*) is back and working as it should be. Use it to find all tasks that have a specific file extension.
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