Release Notes-September 14

Feature Updates

  • Text Wrap in Reports
    • Text type Custom Fields got an upgrade. Now: 1) Text for text-type Custom Fields can be wrapped in Table Reports (not in Task and Table Views) and 2) There are  improved editing options for text-type Custom Fields in the Task View and in Folder/Project info panels. Enable this feature from Wrike Labs.
  • OneDrive for Business 
    • The cloud storage integration update for Microsoft OneDrive was officially released (it used to be in Labs)Now when you can attach files from either your personal Microsoft account (to use personal OneDrive) or from your Office 365 account (to use OneDrive for Business). 
  • Duration Column on Reports
    • You can now add the Duration column to Table Reports based on Projects. Project Duration on the report shows: the sum of the durations of all tasks in that Project. Before you could see the Duration column on task Reports but not Project Reports.
  • Proofing Viewer updated
    • Thanks to some behind-the-scenes changes, the preview of images and .pdf files should open a little faster. 0.5-1 second faster for those of you who are counting. 
  • Reports Layout Autosave
    • Before: To save the changes made with a report layout (Ex: changing column width, making some fields visible etc.) users needed to click "Save" . Now: Layout changes that a user makes are autosaved.


  • Report Cutoff
    • Before: Under certain conditions Reports were cut off after you resized the window. Now: You can resize your window until it's right for you and the Reports are displayed just fine.
  • MS Project: Cinderella Syndrome
    • Before: It was not possible to import MS Project files containing tasks which ended at midnight. Now: You can import files no matter what time the tasks end. 
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