Keeping a project synced in Jira, Salesforce and Wrike

Different teams around the world use Salesforce, Wrike, and Jira to manage their work. Often these tools are used simultaneously to work on the same project - the good news is that Wrike can integrate with Salesforce and keep data synced with your JIRA projects. But can you make all three work together to make sure everyone is on the same page? The answer is yes, and it’s very easy, too!

The only difference you need to keep in mind is that Wrike works with JIRA and Salesforce slightly differently. Our Salesforce integration allows you to work with Wrike tasks directly in Salesforce, while the JIRA sync carries any updates over between the projects in JIRA and Wrike automatically. It happens every 5-10 minutes, but if you need to you can speed it up manually.

So how do you actually get this to work? You begin with (no surprise here) setting up the Salesforce integration and the JIRA sync with your Wrike account. We have detailed setup guides for both Salesforce and JIRA and you can easily get both done in less than an hour.

What’s next? You’ll need to: 1) enable the integration for the Salesforce record (by creating a task or using a template and using the Wrike widget in Salesforce) and 2) create a sync with a project in JIRA. Following those steps results in two Folders being created: one is linked with your Salesforce record and the other - with your JIRA project.

The last step is the one where you sync all three tools together. It happens when your project is tagged with both Folders we’ve created earlier. If you created the project from Salesforce or Jira - it is already linked with that tool, so you only need to tag it with the other Folder in Wrike.

If your project started out in Wrike - the Folders we create from JIRA and Salesforce are empty at first. You’ll simply need to tag your Wrike project with both of them in this case.

From that moment the changes and updates you make in any of the linked Folders are visible across the three linked tools and everyone on the team can keep using their tool of choice and at the same time can track progress of the project and communicate with others.

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This setup didn't work for us due to the lack of flexibility with the direct Wrike-Salesforce integration (e.g. not being able to edit custom fields, not having access to comments in Salesforce, lack of Lightning capability, et al.)

I instead set up a 2-step process using JIRA as a bridge. Currently, I'm syncing a `JIRA` folder in Wrike to JIRA using, and syncing JIRA to Salesforce using the Service Rocket JIRA add-on. It allows us to be able to sync comments between the three platforms and gives us the ability to update Wrike & Salesforce fields on Tasks & Cases as appropriate, and as an added bonus it gives us the reporting capabilities of JIRA (great for time tracking and SLAs).

It's still not perfect, but it allows for us to have a streamlined process of creating a Case in Salesforce and syncing custom fields down to Wrike using JIRA as a go-between until the direct integration is a little more robust.

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