Yellow notifications on top of wrike

I think you should stop showing those ugly disturbing yellow notifications on top of whole wrike project managment interface. They are ugly, distracting, disturbing, and they make you look disorganised and frankly un-reliable. Whenever I see this notification I think about will I be able to access wrike, etc etc. The truht is - I am using Wrike for about 5 years now, and I NEVER ever had ANY inconvinience with it. In fact, I even used your support a few times, and it was a very profesional and pleasent experience. In my mind wrike trully is the greatest project management software today.


So please stop degrading user experience, and also brand image by showing theese unnecessary yellow warning notifications. I am sure you can find a way to automate troubleshooting, if some users do get affected by your frequent system upgrades, but you deffinatley do not need and should not show theese notifications. In fact - do you think it helps? What could it help about? Do you think I will stop working because you are updating your system? No I wount. Would it be convinient to remember which time and day exactly are you going to be doin system maintenence so I can plan around it? No, really not. I have a lot of real business related problems that are my job - to be thinking about an unrealiable project managemenet solution and ways to not be affected by it. 


And truly, this  - is - exactly the message you are sending.

Not only is it not good for your brand image, it is not ture either. As I already stated - wrike is by far one of the best online software, and experiences I have ever used. And I work in UX and Marketing. So, I should have a good understanding of them.


Anyway. Keep up the GREAT work you are doing with Wrike, and please just remove those annoying yellow notifications. If you really musth show them, show them discretely, not like this.



Luka Mladenović

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Luka, thank you so much for sharing this feedback! I really appreciate it, and I actually have some good news in regards to this: we're working on redesigning these notifications so that they would fit in more seamlessly into the Workspace. The yellow bar was the first iteration that we released, so this is something we're still working on. I'm happy to hear that you haven't experienced any maintenance disruptions firsthand, and you're right, they don't always happen even when they're anticipated. Nevertheless, with users all around the globe and in different timezones, we believe it's best to advise those who have (even a slight) chance of being affected temporarily so that they could keep this in mind. Thank you for the positive feedback you've included here too! Let me know if you have any other feedback, and once again, thank you for taking the time to write this up and share your thoughts about this new addition!

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