Tip of the Month September: Favorite Folders

We have a fully built out Folder structure (just like a lot of other teams) but on a day to day basis I only access a few Folders and always the same ones. This is the case for most people, so whenever we get a new teammate I make sure to tell them about favorite Folders. 
How it Works
When you favorite a Folder/Project it appears at the top of the Folder tree. That means that you don't have to dig through your company's structure to find what you need. 
Good Folders/Projects to favorite: 1) your team's Folders 2) Folders you access on a daily (or near daily basis) 3) Personal/private Folders. 
Favorite a Folder
  1. Go to the left-hand Folder tree.
  2. Hover over a Folder/Project.
  3. Click the star icon that appears. 
That's it! You can always remove a Folder from the favorite list by hovering over it and clicking the star icon. It takes seconds but saves a lot of time. 
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