Expanding and Collapsing subtasks in Workload Tab

It would be great if you guys could add the functionality that already exists in the "timeline" tab whereby you can expand or collapse subtasks from it's parent task to the "workload tab". By collapsing all the subtasks, I would be able to:

1. Identify projects that employees are assigned to via the prefix of the parent task

2. Identify which activity is being performed on any given day/week for projects by the employees via the task itself

3. Identify workload of employees via how many tasks are assigned to each one (Louis's post would help clarify this further).


Thank you very much,



Sorosh Saberian Trajectory Inc

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Stephanie Westbrook

Thanks for adding this here Sorosh!

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I fully concur - it would be an incredibly useful functionality.

On top of that, it would be very useful to be able to go a level higher - i.e. see the team utilisation on a project, rather than task level (I've posted about this separately here (https://help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115002644185-Seeing-projects-rather-than-tasks-in-workload-view). 

Sorosh - would you mind sharing how you add prefixes to your tasks to identify which project(s) they belong to? Is it possible to do this automatically, or do you input these manually? At the moment, I can see the prefixes, but only when clicking on the task. I'd like to be able to immediately see which projects people are working on, which currently seems impossible. 


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Absolutely!!  This feature would save me from a lot of tagging work arounds.  I have been tagging the top level tasks with another folder name just to work around this and get my top level view.  But it has so many drawbacks.  I have to keep 1 task that is my "roll up" task updated with duration, allocation, etc.since it's where I pull my top level view from.  But it duplicates all my work because I have to keep it up to date with all my other tasks.

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Hi Mateusz,

It really depends on the type of projects you are working on and whether or not you can create project templates.Things like DEMO's/UAT/etc. can always be templated and duplicated. That's not to say that you won't have to create additional tasks on projects; every project is different. 

Templating allows us to create the majority of the tasks we need on a project with the correct project prefix (typically 3 letters long) by using the "duplicate" feature. Every additional task that is created on the project will then have the same 3 letter prefix. 


Hi Jenina,

Another solution, is to create a new custom field and apply the custom field as a filter. This is what we do here at Trajectory and I'm in the process of writing a blog on how to do it and it's benefits. 

Sorosh Saberian Trajectory Inc

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I have done the same thing, created custom fields for this purpose.  It works ok for now, it is just more work that hitting the Workload tab and having it at your fingertips.  

We use templates as well and put a prefix as well.  Having them condensed would definitely make things a lot easier.


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