Listing Of Backlogged tasks in Timline View


 Timeline view very helpful for me to manage task dependencies.  But it lacks one thing, planning the backlogged items. When I've many items in backlogged and i want to add dependency from one active task to the backlogged item it isn't visible. 

Link in workload view, there's and option to show backlogged task. If that can be integrated in this view then it will be the best.



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Hi Suraj, as you likely know backlogged tasks will only show in Timeline view when they have a start and end date or if they have been made a milestone. 
For clarity on your suggestion; you would like to have the option to see backlogged tasks in Timeline view, similar to the checkbox option currently available in Workload view. You also want to be able to add dependencies to backlogged tasks while in Timeline view too without having to open the task. If there's anything further you'd like to add or clarify, please let me know, otherwise thanks for posting your feedback!

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