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 I just started using the trial version of Wrike.  Seems great.


My concern is the Gnatt chart view (TImeline)  right now it looks great because I only have the tasks and the lengh of time for those tasks. 

Visually it is easy to read.  The challenge is now that I am adding users who are responsible for those task, it start putting their name after the task.  I have only added 2 users to a large project and the view is already looking very congested, and almost to the point where it is not usable.

It would be great if there was a tab I could click that turns off the user view so it just shows the tasks under the length of time (in the timeline view)  This was a very clean way of looking at the gnat chart and was visually similar to Microsoft Project which my clients are used to looking at.  At least a feature that makes the names grey so they are not as dominant as the task.


Thank you!!!



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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Evan, welcome to the forums :) Happy to hear your trial is going well so far. Dany asked for this exact same functionality a couple of months ago, would you mind adding a +1 to his post? It helps us report to our team. 

Something Anastasia suggested in her response to Dany is creating Timeline Snapshots because you can choose to hide the assignees on those. Let us know if anything else comes up, trials are a great time to figure out if Wrike is right for you and we can talk about product questions or best practices. 

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