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Hi, i need some help getting past the confirmation mail requirement for a service account. 

I'd like to forward tasks from a SNMP system not using a mailbox to create tasks in wrike. I've added the address for the sender in my emails however there is a requirement to complete an approval. Due to the fact that this is not a mailbox is there any way to get around this?

Just to clarify, this is for wrike to receive mails from this address and not send anything to this address. 

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Hi Kowus! While it isn't possible to get around this approval, something we recommend, in case you use Gmail, is connecting Gmail and Wrike through Zapier. One of our team members wrote a detailed post about this process, and we'll definitely be happy to continue the conversation there in case any further questions come up: Auto Forward to Wrike from Gmail Using Zapier.

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