Incorporating a 'Seen' Functionality

It would fabulous to have a functionality in the comments section to show who has 'seen' posts. 

Sometimes tagging a team member in comments will fall through the cracks and questions will be asked for things that have already been communicated. 


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Hi Ana, thanks! Could you add a +1 to Shahab's post? That way we keep all the requests for the feature in one place (it makes it easier for our Product Team to monitor how many people are interested in a feature). 

I did want to mention that we released reaction emojis for comments a little while ago and one of the use cases was for people to be able to let teammates know that they'd seen a comment. It's not automatic, but maybe it's something people could start doing? Once someone add's the first emoji, other's just have to click on it to add a +1. You'll be able to see the names of everyone who added the emoji. 


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