Need help summing custom fields

Hello, Wrike Community!

I have created custom fields for budget tracking, but I’m having trouble with summing from the task and subtask level to the project level. It seems to be summing on the table view, but this isn’t being carried over into the project list view. The custom fields are named the same, and Aggregate is set to Sum…not sure why it’s not summing.

Can anyone help? Thank you!

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Hi Bethany, thanks for reaching out to the Community! Aggregated values are shown in the Table View, and we just released an update to view them in Reports too, however, the sum field isn't displayed in individual items such as the Project info. The data in corresponding fields of individual locations is the value for that location, since this value may differ from the summed fields. I do see how it could be useful to have a separate field or a sum displayed alongside the individual value, and I think this is an interesting idea for our Product Feedback forums. :)

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I wanted to add this here since it's related to Bethany's issue.

We are tracking a growth (or loss) metric each month in a custom field and currently it is in a drop down range for usability. I was messing around with adding specific values as percentages for a running average but negative percentages go to zero. 

Is this something that can be implemented? The idea is that we can look at an overall % growth/decline throughout a campaign we manage based on monthly inputs.

If there is a good spot to drop this question can you provide the link within the Product Feedback forum? 🙂


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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Rob, I don't know how I've never tried this before, but I'm not able to get negative values into percentage Custom Fields either. There's actually not a request for it! If you want to add it as a request, that would be fantastic. You can just copy/paste your message above if you want. 


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