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Please give us the Timeline view in mobile iOS apps!
As Wrike supports more traditional project teams, the timeline view in the mobile iOS app should be a priority. However, it's not on the roadmap due to "lack of use on the Android". Gantt charts are a critical visual for project managers and senior leaders. Being able to access them on the go seems like a basic request. The need is compounded by the fact that when using a mobile device, Wrike.com forces users to the mobile app which prevents even workarounds to view the timeline.

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I second the need for timeline in the mobile iOS app. Gantt charts are a clear and concise way to view project deliverables, tasks, and timeline in a live environment. Viewing timeline in meetings or on-the-go is a critical component of the system for both project managers and leads. I am surprised an iOS app timeline view is not available, as iOS products are increasingly popular in the business world.

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I use my iPad exclusively when I attend meetings and am away from my desk.  The ability to see Gantt charts on my iPad would substantially improve the relevance of Wrike for me.  While I do access Wrike frequently from my desk where I am using a PC, I frequently need to access the software during meetings when I am away from my desk. I would rather not take my Surface tablet with me in addition to my iPad for the sole purpose of viewing Gantt charts.

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Hi everyone, thanks for adding your comments and sharing your thoughts here! It would be great if you could add your votes to an existing request for this feature, this helps keep conversations around similar suggestions going in once place: Timeline View for iOS Apps. I'll go ahead and close this psot for comments, but I'll be happy to continue the discussion in the original post!


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