can Wrike support those options

Hello, could you please tell me, if those options could be achieved on wrike? 1) Marketing module
a) Leeds and data
i) Automatic incorporation of Leeds from landing pages on internet.
ii) Import Leeds from excel list (csv files)
iii) Add manually your costumer, to client file.
b) Management the Leeds
i) Add tasks to yourself or colleague.
ii) Set a meeting with your potential clients.

c) Client file
i) Create your own client file.
ii) Create dynamic fields, Customer's Seriousness, Came from and more.
iii) Influence Client such as: architect
iv) Store all client documents, agreements, photographs, work plans, etc., in client file.

d) Sales opportunity management
i) generate price offer for customer.
ii) to publish the price offer from
when all costumer.
information and the apartment data are saved.
iii) Use the "digital signature" to sign the customer on the sales agreement.
e) Sms module
i) Use sms module to create sales & marketing campaign
ii) SMS mechanism. An automatic sms will be send to costumer in a variety of
scenarios, such as:
when set appointment with costumer
reminder day before meeting.
Send a "Congratulations sms" when contract approved and signed.
f) Sync calendar with google account.
i) Watch your task and appointment easily on web.
ii) Get reminders on your Smartphone.
g) Direct mailing.
i) Use this grate module to create newsletters and send your greetings on holydays.
ii) Use your data and Leeds for bring more costumer to project and presale on other
projects if exists.
h) Reports
i) Marketing summery per period
ii) Pipe line
iii) Dynamic activity and parameters reports.

2) Financial and Budget – last and important
a) software that management the financial and
payments from your customer.
b) Payments schedule.
c) Set Interest and Linkage and get remainders, reports and etc'

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Aleksandre Phatsatsia - this isn't the place for full evaluation of Wrike. You need to talk to a sales rep. You should take a free trial and request a rep to call you. They will address all of your questions and give you a demo. 

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Hi Aleksandre, thanks for your post and welcome to Wrike! I've reached out to your Account Manager to discuss these features with you. They'll be in touch soon if not already 😊

Anything in the meantime, let me know!  

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