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Hi Product Team,

After using Wrike for awhile I have found that I am missing Create Date as a column on table view. As Create Date is an important reference for me in over viewing outstanding work it would be immensely helpful if I could have this column in Table View. I know you can use reports to show this but I find myself switching back and forth again and again and the flow is very fragmented.

Wouldn't be possible to just add this as a possible column I can tick to show?

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Hi Jonathan, thank you for your feedback. It's true that there is no way to include Creation Date field at this point and I think it's great that you brought it up here. Could you please elaborate on your particular use case and why you prefer using the Table view instead of Reports? Is there something that's missing in the Reports for you or is it simply more convenient for you to work from Table? Your thoughts on this will be appreciated. 

Also, hope you don't mind if I offer a little workaround in the meantime. You can add a Creation Date custom field. I realize that it's additional manual work but this will help you see the desired information from the Table view. When you or your colleagues create a task, just select a date in the Creation Date custom field upon task creation and this information will be available from the Table view. 

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Hey Vlad,

As some of our teams use this for more operational tasks, certain folders will have a lot of simultaneous tasks. In our previous project management system many of us had built the habit to check the create date to ensure we do not miss out on some new tasks or to see when old tasks are not being managed. Thus this view was very helpful for managers to observe the overall workload and if necessary go into that task quickly and make the necessary comments.

I understand that there is workarounds such as using reports and to create a custom field but it is definitely not as good of a user experience for my teams. Hope this could be implemented soon!

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Hi Jonathan, hope you don't mind if I jump in for Vlad here to thank you for the additional info. This is really helpful!

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Any update on this? I still don't see it and it seems like a core feature. This is pretty important for figuring out if a new task got added later in a sprint (for example) and analyzing scope creep/changes to schedule. My use case right now is trying to figure out when a task was submitted and how that impacted scheduling.



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