Make the Add Task button location independent

This is a UX feature request.

Let the green (+) button "Add Task" create a task in the root location (no folder) instead of the current folder/project open right now.

Here the use-case: I am working on a ProjectX and something unrelated comes up that needs to be assigned to someone else: I click the green button (no matter where I'm located) and send out that task to my colleague. The task does not show up in ProjectX.

In the project I already have an "Add Task" button in the List view, table view and Shift-click in Timeline view (great to know, btw!)... so I don't need the Green + button to add a task there. It's redundant and visually distinct enough that it could be used to create un-related tasks.

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Phil, this is a really well-explained request and I appreciate the use case example. Thank you for adding this :)

This isn't a solution, but I want to mention just in case: after you click the "+" button and enter a task name, you can hover over the Folder name (located right under the task name), and click the 'x". That removes the task from that particular Folder so that the task is created in the root Folder. 

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