Spark and Diary 5 by Readdle - Email and Diary integration

Hey team - just had a thought ...

If the system is the solution then 

Email has become the bane of everyone's existence and equally the thing that drives sales, support and communication.

Readdle have developed Spark and Diary 5 for the Mac platform and may well be the replacement for Apple Mail and iCal.

We are looking to write our operations manual in Wrike so that is becomes a living breathing thing at the operational level of our business.  As opposed to a manual that is thick and voluminous and gets used at best as a door stop on a windy day!

Part of that thinking comes from a strong desire to follow the teachings of David at GTD and part comes from my background as a business development coach with Michael Gerber (Author of the world best seller "The E-Myth" (Why most small businesses fail and what to do about it.)  

Imagine for a moment that WRIKE was the 'GO TO' place for your email, your tasks and thoughts, your processes, your place to file things for reference/someday/to do, your training/induction manual, your organisational structure and your evaluation and review processes for your team on how successful they are being in following the system.

If a frustration is something missing in the system or an entire system that has never been written then the user would go to Wrike and write the system using the Wrike process so that tomorrow the business would never have that frustration again.  And every day in every way your clients and their small businesses would grow to be system dependant the Wrike way. 

Grow Your Business ... The Wrike Way.

(I'm having a really busy day and would love to wrike more ... oops write more but I have to keep running to stay in front.  Love to here back from you)

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice
Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Philip! We definitely would love to see Wrike become your "go to" place for work management - and getting things done. Happy to talk about this more :)

Are you envisioning a Wrike Workspace where everyone could log in and see a manual? Or would you use Wrike to create a manual and then you would publish that manual on a publicly visible page?

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