Font + Newlines availability for API

I'm trying to create tasks automatically with different fonts so its easier to read. Is there a way to do this already? If not is this the right place for a feature suggestion?


Really I only need newline characters at the moment but bold, italics and underlining would be cool.

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Hi Siddarta! Great question and feedback, thank you! The ability to use different fonts is something our description editor is lacking in general, so it would be a nice feature request to be posted in our Feedback section.

I would appreciate if you share more details on what you would like to achieve specifically with API? Currently it's possible to use html tags for 'description' parameter with POST and PUT calls to /tasks and /folders (bold, italics, underline work perfectly) is that something you are looking for?


PUT<ID>?description=task description<br /><br /><strong>bold</strong><br />

<em>italics</em><br /><u>underline</u><br /><s>cross</s><br /><br />

You can use the similar syntax for your POST calls to create tasks with this method.

Hope this helps!

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