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I'm passing along some feedback we received from one of our clients regarding your iOS app.  At the completion of each of our projects, we ask our clients to provide us with an assessment of their experience.  One such client had this to say specifically about your iOS app and so I promised I would pass along the feedback to your team so it may guide your future development:

"The only suggestion would be about Wrike - the iOS app didn't seem to show the same things I could see online but it was a minor inconvenience."

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HI Lance, we really appreciate that you posted this feedback here. We understand the need for using Wrike on the go so developing our mobile platforms is a major focus.
For iOS, we're constantly providing new ways to use Wrike there and releasing new updates to the app and you can keep an eye on our Releases section for new updates weekly 👍
If at all possible, it would be great to hear some specifics of what features your client was trying to use the mobile version so our Product Team can review when they're discussing developments in this area in the future. Thank you!
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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I would appreciate the ability to see the project info on the IOS App.

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