adding deadlines to a template

Hi, I have set up a template but when it is generated from a requet the first task defaults to Jan 1st


Id like a set of tasks in the template that have a deadline set to the date the task is generated ie: someone puts in a request and the first tak in the template is "call client" and it has a 24hr deadline form the date the request is put in.

struggling with this!


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Hi Richard,
There is a way to set a start and end date in the Request Form, there is no way to set a time frame, like 24 hours from the start date, but here's a solution that will work for you by aligning the Request form start date from the template. Let me explain:
Step 1: 
  • Go to the Project you plan to use as a template and set the duration of the tasks you plan to use as your template. 
  • Take a look at the below screenshot example. Each task is set to 1 day. As this is only the template, the dates are not so important here, but the duration (1day) of each task is important as this is the duration I want for new Projects.
  • Create your template to look like this and set the duration of tasks.
  • Start creating your Request form from the options on the right-side panel.
  • Set 'Create Project from Template' and chose your Project template from the list. 
  • Chose the 'Place Project into' to map where you want the new project to be created in Wrike.
  • In the option 'Reschedule copied tasks', select 'Align with Project start date'.
  • Enter in your Request form questions and ensure to add the question 'Today's date' and select 'Start date' from the options and tick the 'Required' box to ensure a requester adds this detail. (important: this is the date that will align with the Project)
See the GIF below as an example:

Now when anyone fills out the request form and answers 'Today's date' question. Each task copied from the template, will update to 'Today's date' in the newly created Folder and keep its duration of 1day. 
Give it a go and let me know if you have any questions!
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