Announcement of the actualisations and comments in a job

I have a proposal concerning announcement of the actualisations and comments in a job.

The oldest entry always at the top, and the last entry always at the end of the list is normal in the order. It is necessary to scroll down the window to see the last comment.

Proposition: The order of display, for example in social media, goes of the most recent comment to the most ancient comment. This is closer of the habit and would allow to see right away what took place in last. Not to disturb habits the simple possibility of being able to choose the order of display would be top.

It would be an improvement for a product which is already extraordinary.


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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Badertscher, thanks for reaching out and for taking the time to translate your post into English for us :). I wanted to let you know that there were a few linked words in your post but the links just went to the translation site so I went through and removed those. 

Chris made a similar request in his post Sort Comments by Newest at Top, if you could +1 his post that would help us keep better track of how many people are asking for this feature. I'll go ahead and close this post for comments for now, but would love to keep hearing from you on the forums!


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