Timeline Gantt - a few requests

1. In the desktop and browser options for new timeline, exporting a nicely formatted image of the gantt chart would be helpful for sharing and presentations. The old timeline allowed for printing, but it didn't preserve the colors in the workflow.

2. Grouping tasks together is very useful for different teams. (previous post "Timeline: Grouping tasks vertically, freedom to click and drag vertically)

3. Calculating critical path; listing the tasks in the critical path; and overlaying in a view so it can be outputted for sharing/ presentations.

4. The zoom tool in the old timeline is much better than the new one.


5. Is the mobile app able to show Gantt view? Landscape, pinch and zoom would be nice.

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Hi Jimmy, thanks for testing out the New Timeline! I think it would help other users find this feedback if we rename the post to include the keywords "New Timeline", let me know if you'd like me to help out with that :) As for the mobile app - the regular version of the Timeline View is available for Android at the moment.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice
Stephanie Westbrook

@Jimmy Hi! We released a new version of Critical Path for Timeline. Tasks on the Critical Path are flagged in red and while I don't think it's exactly what you were looking for, I still wanted to let you know that there was a release


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