Release Notes-December 29

Feature Updates

  • Report templates
    • Report templates left the nest (aka Wrike Labs) and are now available to anyone with access to Reports. 
  • Workload View
    • Traditionally the Workload View has shown tasks from particular Folders or Projects. Now: Click "Show full workload" to see tasks (which are shared with you), from all other Folders and Projects as well. This should help give you a more complete picture of what someone is working on.
    • Now: If you use Effort Allocation (a Wrike Labs feature) you'll see effort calculated in hours on the Workload View (and can enter effort in hours on the Table View), instead of in percentages.  
  • Email Notification Settings
    • You can unsubscribe from email notifications related to when: 1) A Report is shared with you, 2) A scheduled Report is ready for review. It's a holiday present: a little more control over emails, one notification setting at a time.
  • Updated Gmail Gadget
    • Notable changes: 1) The gadget now was a new, modern design. 2) After you create a task from the gadget you'll have the option to edit the task from the gadget or open it in Wrike. 3) Last but not least, performance has improved significantly and many old bugs were eliminated.
  • Voting Forums
    • We launched a new Product Feedback section on Wrike's Community. Let us know your ideas for what you'd like to see in Wrike. Can't wait to hear from you!


  • PDF Files in Internet Explorer 11
    • Before: .pdf files didn't open in IE 11. Now: They do.
  • Parent Folder Grouping in Reports
    • Situation: You apply a grouping by Parent Folder in a Report and some of the items in the Report belong to Folders / Projects which aren't shared with you. Before: The items were grouped by Parent Folder but you saw "Null" as a groping title for Folders that weren't shared with you. Now: If you don't have access to a Folder/Project, then items aren't grouped by that Folder on your Report.  
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